The Taτsu Ecosystem's roadmap is structured into three distinct phases, each with its own set of goals and milestones:

  1. Foundation Phase: The initial stage focuses on establishing the core infrastructure of the Taτsu Ecosystem. This phase is centered on the creation and refinement of decentralized applications that are powered by the Bittensor network. The foundation phase sets the groundwork for future development and ensures that the ecosystem is built on a solid and scalable framework.

  2. Expansion Phase: With the foundation in place, the expansion phase aims to broaden the ecosystem's reach by attracting a diverse group of developers and users. During this phase, efforts will be concentrated on the launch of the API access, important to the ecosystem's functionality and success.

  3. Innovation Phase: The final phase is where the Taτsu Ecosystem truly comes into its own. Here, the focus shifts to deployment of the Taτsu Bittensor Subnet. Also, we will concentrate our efforts on enhancing the API's features, and fostering a vibrant community around the ecosystem.

By meticulously executing this roadmap, the Taτsu Ecosystem is set to not only advance the state of decentralized applications but also to redefine the landscape of collaborative AI development. Taτsu is set to push the boundaries of decentralized applications, positioning itself as a cornerstone in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and blockchain technology.

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