Beyond Subnet

This phase is not just about refining existing features; it's about boldly exploring the vast expanse of potential applications that lie ahead. Given the current composition of the Bittensor network with 32 subnets, we are approaching a potential significant expansion, where we soon might see this number increased to 64. This growth would not be merely numerical; it would represent a monumental leap in the diversity and innovation of subnets available.

Each new subnet would bring with it unique capabilities, unlocking doors to new opportunities of application development.

In this final phase, our mission transcends the mere deployment of new features; we are dedicated to fostering an ecosystem where innovation thrives. By providing robust support and resources to developers and encouraging a collaborative environment, we aim to catalyze the creation of applications that will redefine the Taτsu Ecosystem. The expansion of the Bittensor network is not just an opportunity; it's our collective responsibility to seize it and unlock the full potential of decentralized AI for the world.

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