Revenue Distribution

Half of the ecosystem's income will be distributed among TATSU token holders, while the other half will be allocated for reinvestment within the ecosystem and utilized for funding further development.

In our pursuit of a balanced and sustainable growth model, we have decided that 50% of the ecosystem's revenue will be shared with TATSU token holders. This approach not only recognizes their invaluable contribution to the ecosystem's success but also ensures that they directly benefit from its growth and prosperity. By distributing half of our revenue among token holders, we underline our dedication to a community-centric economic model where success is shared and celebrated collectively.

The remaining 50% of the revenue is designated for strategic reinvestment into the ecosystem and funding development. Reinvesting these revenues into the ecosystem will allow for the continuous improvement of existing services, the development of new applications, and the expansion of the Taτsu Ecosystem. Furthermore, it supports our commitment to decentralization, security, and community-driven development, aligning our financial model with our core values.

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