The TATSU token stands as a cornerstone of the Taτsu Ecosystem, deployed on the Ethereum mainnet to ensure security, transparency, and wide compatibility. Below is a detailed breakdown of its tokenomics, designed to maintain the ecosystem's integrity and foster sustainable growth.

  • Mainnet: Ethereum

  • Token Symbol: TATSU

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000

  • Buy Tax: 5%

  • Sell Tax: 5%

  • Transfer Tax: 0%

Liquidity and Ownership

The liquidity of TATSU token is locked for five years.

This crucial step ensures that the ecosystem can develop and expand without the risk of sudden liquidity withdrawal, providing token holders with a sense of security and confidence in the token's value over time.

Furthermore, the renouncement of smart contract ownership marks a significant move towards a truly decentralized ecosystem. By relinquishing control, the Taτsu team underscore their commitment to a community-driven platform where decisions and developments are made in the best interest of the ecosystem and its participants.

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