Revenue-sharing Model

The Taτsu Ecosystem is committed to creating a fair and rewarding financial structure for its holders, with the TATSU token playing a pivotal role in the revenue-sharing model. This model is designed to ensure that the value generated within the ecosystem is equitably distributed among TATSU token holders through a staking mechanism.

Revenue generated from the various income streams within the Taτsu Ecosystem will be allocated to staking pools. Token holders who choose to stake their TATSU tokens will be eligible to receive a share of the revenue. This incentivizes long-term holding and participation within the ecosystem, aligning the interests of the token holders with the success of the platform.

Distribution of Rewards in wTAO Tokens

Rewards to stakers will be distributed mainly in wTAO tokens, which are integral to supporting the Bittensor network and the Opentensor Foundation. This strategy not only benefits the TATSU holders, but also contributes to the broader Bittensor network by providing liquidity and support for the TAO token.

The Taτsu Ecosystem will utilize a half of its revenue to perform market purchases of wTAO tokens, which will then be distributed among the TATSU token holders through the staking pools.

Moreover, while wTAO tokens will serve as the primary reward for staking, we are also considering the flexibility of our reward system. We aim to keep our options open for the introduction of staking pools that offer rewards in TATSU tokens. This would provide our community with diverse incentives and further align the interests of our token holders with the long-term vision and expansion of the Taτsu Ecosystem. By offering a variety of rewards, we can cater to the preferences of our diverse community, ensuring that everyone finds value and opportunity in participating in our ecosystem's growth.

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