What is the utility of the TATSU token?

The TATSU token is integral to the Taτsu Ecosystem's commitment to fostering a fair and rewarding financial structure for its holders. Central to this commitment is a revenue-sharing model where the TATSU token serves as the key to ensuring equitable distribution of the ecosystem's generated value. Revenue from the ecosystem's diverse income streams is funneled into staking pools. TATSU token holders who participate in staking thus become eligible to receive a portion of this revenue.

What portion of the revenue is shared with TATSU token holders?

The Taτsu Ecosystem shares 50% of its revenue with TATSU token holders through staking. This equitable distribution model is designed to reward token holders for their vital role in the ecosystem's success and growth. By allocating half of the revenue to token holders, we emphasize our commitment to a community-driven economic framework that values and celebrates shared success. The remaining 50% is strategically reinvested to foster continuous improvement, development of new services, and ecosystem expansion, ensuring alignment with our principles of decentralization, security, and community focus.

What is the transaction tax used for in the Taτsu Ecosystem?

A portion of the tax is dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of the ecosystem's offerings, ensuring that Taτsu remains at the forefront of technology and user experience. Additionally, the tax helps cover the operational costs associated with running the extensive and intricate Taτsu Ecosystem, guaranteeing a seamless and uninterrupted service for all participants. Finally, the transaction tax is instrumental in funding the ecosystem's expansion efforts, thereby fostering growth and improving the ecosystem's overall value to users.

Is Taτsu currently one of the Bittensor subnets?

As of now, Taτsu is not yet a part of the Bittensor subnets. With the existing 32 Bittensor subnets, securing a spot is highly competitive, and we cannot assure our inclusion. Nonetheless, our team is fully committed to doing everything within our power to ensure the Taτsu Subnet becomes a reality. Despite the challenges and the competitive environment, we are dedicated to overcoming the obstacles and striving for the successful deployment of the Taτsu Subnet, all while maintaining transparency and integrity with our community.

What is the wTAO token?

The wTAO token is a digital asset that represents the TAO token wrapped for compatibility with the Ethereum network. In the Taτsu Ecosystem, wTAO tokens hold significant value as they are utilized in the reward distribution model. The ecosystem will dedicate half of its revenue to purchasing wTAO tokens from the market. These tokens will be distributed as rewards to TATSU token holders who actively participate in staking pools, thereby incentivizing their engagement and contribution to the ecosystem while supporting the TAO token and Bittensor network.

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